Fri Nov 26 2021

  • According to the Survey, the count of tigers in India rose to 2967 in 2018
  • Madhya Pradesh highest number of tigers at 526
  • The total tiger reserve in India: 50
  • India has achieved its 2022 target of doubling the tiger population
  • India’s 2018 Tiger Census - Largest Camera Trap Wildlife Survey sets Guinness Record
  • Rs 33 cr for KazirangaTiger Reserve, under Project Tiger scheme
  • Chhattisgarh Govt to declare Guru Ghasidas National Park as Tiger Reserve
  • Bor tiger reserve Maharashtra becomes smallest tiger reserve in India
  • Nagarjunsagar Srisailam tiger reserve is the largest tiger reserve in India
  • Sathyamangalam tiger reserve in Tamil Nadu received the best-managed tiger reserve award
  • Madhya Pradesh govt to declare the Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary a tiger reserve
  • Nandhaur wildlife sanctuary of Himachal Pradesh is set to get a 'Tiger Cell'
  • China has the highest number of tigers in the world
  • India houses 70% of world’s tiger population: Tiger Census report
  • India amongst biggest suppliers of Tiger body parts in the world