Sun Jun 26 2022

🛑WORLD'S HIGHEST / LARGEST IN NEWS 2021-22 :- 🛑 ▪️BRO to construct world’s highest tunnel at Shinku La Pass connecting Himachal Pradesh to Ladakh at 16,580 feet. ▪️World’s largest electric 3-wheeler making plant will set up in Telangana. ▪️BRO received Guinness World Record for world’s highest motorable road Umlingla Pass. ▪️BRO Builds World’s Highest Motorable Road Umlingla Pass in eastern Ladakh at 19,300 ft. ▪️World’s Highest EV Charging Station Inaugurated At Kaza in Himachal Pradesh set up at a height of 500 ft. ▪️World’s highest railway bridge that soars 359 metres above the bed of the Chenab river in Jammu and Kashmir. ▪️World’s Highest Altitude Movie Theatre launched in Ladakh at 11,562 ft. ▪️World’s largest Khadi National Flag hoisted in Leh, Ladakh tricolor is 225-feet long and 150-feet wide. It weighs around 1,000 kg.